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What your poop says about your health

REMEDY DAILYSlim and softSounds like the real deal, as stated by WebMD. It ought to be held together in a single piece but should be simple enough to pass out.


Every bowel movement smells offensive; that is just normal. However, foul-smelling stools smell unfamiliar or noticeably worse. As stated by HealthLine, such stools can be attributed to various issues, some are more serious than the others. It could be malabsorption, which happens when your body does not accept all the required nutrients from your diet. This could be the handwork of celiac disease, food allergies or ulcerative colitis. It can equally indicate infection or could be the outcome of dietary issues or medication. It normally is not serious. Hence, wait for some days for it to go away. But see your doctor if it persists for a while.

It may be embarrassing to discuss, but if you’ve noticed any of the changes within your stool – shape, size, color, consistency or smell, try to see your doctor concerning that. Many times it could just be some dietary issues, even though our bowel movements are capable of showing us early signs of some very serious health problems. So when you go to the toilet again, glance quickly before flushing!


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