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What your poop says about your health


You most likely do not talk of your poop that much. Chances are that you may not even like the idea of giving it a thought. However, what you are passing into your toilet is capable of giving you a good idea of what your health is like. Shape, size, color, consistency, and even the smell can help unravel significant details of the state of your health. You need to start paying due attention to the movements in your bowel and try to identify the features highlighted below. And contact your doctor should you have any worries.

Poop color explained

Based on WebMD, several brown and green different shades is indicative of good health, though other colors may indicate specific health or diet issues:

Green stool



This signifies normalcy and it can be attributed to one’s food. Iron supplements or green vegetables can change your stool color to green. Bowel motions that are green is simply because your stomach bile has not stayed long enough inside your digestive system to become brown.

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