50 Tips To Keep Your Fruits, Veggies, And Other Foods Fresh

Often times, once we grocery search, we tend to shop for over we actually would like. Throwing during a few further apples, some additional handfuls of inexperienced beans, or an additional piece of meat from the butcher. however what finally ends up happening? It gets thrown away. you may furthermore be throwing cash straight within the garbage can!

Luckily, there are a number of tricks that may facilitate keep your food contemporary for extended therefore you don’t find yourself moving it within the trash.

Scroll through this handy slideshow to assist get the foremost out of your groceries and your dollar.

Here are fifty ways in which to stay your fruits, veggies, and different food product contemporary for extended.
Happy saving!

#1 Wrap banana stems



Source: The Shirley Journey

When bananas ripen and mature, they unleash ethene gas that eventually softens the fruit and turns the skin brown. facilitate keep bananas contemporary for extended by wrapping the stems with foil or wrapper. This prevents the gas from escaping and keeps the bananas firm and yellow.

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